Miekkamatka 2024

Miekkamatka is back! 

This year, we wanted to make participating in Miekkamatka (Sword Journey) competition easier. Similar to last year, the goal is to encourage people to visit as many different training sessions as possible, so you will receive one entry per training location. However, this time we have also taken into account the training sessions organized by different organizations in the same town, and each of them will count as separate entries!

Here's what you need to do: post a training session photo on the #miekkamatka2024 channel on the Suomen Boffaajat discord. In the caption, specify where and by which organization the training session in the picture took place. You will get one entry per a training location + organizer -combination. 

The winner will receive a completely unique Miekkamatka 2024 t-shirt! A picture of the shirt will be released on Suomen Boffaajat discord and the official Sotahuuto website during the spring.

Osallistumisaika 19.11.2023 – 11.7.2024. Voittaja eli eniten treenimerkintöjä kerännyt boffaaja julkistetaan Sotahuudossa ja tämän kanssa sovitaan palkinnon toimittamisesta. Mikäli voittajaa ei tavoiteta Sotahuudossa, järjestäjät ottavat tähän yhteyttä Discordissa tapahtuman jälkeen. 

Sharing training pictures on social media is not in vain either: we will share posts with the #miekkamatka2024 and @sotahuuto2024 tags in Instagram stories on our official @sotahuuto2024 account. Although pictures shared on social media will not participate in the competition itself, it is still a great opportunity to promote your favorite training sessions to the whole soft sword fighting community!