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What is Sotahuuto?

Photo: Jari Kuskelin

Sotahuuto is the largest and longest-running event in the Finnish soft sword-fighting scene. Starting from 2005, the annual event attracts a wide range of enthusiasts of the sport as well as those interested in other fencing disciplines, sports, history, and team activities.


Sotahuuto is an immersive team sports event that offers participants a safe opportunity to engage in battle scenarios and fight for victory. Although the event is scored and competed on a team level, it is also possible to sign up individually.


Although Sotahuuto is not a historical reenactment event, historical elements are present in the battles, performances, and appearance. Each Sotahuuto has a historical context, meaning a specific period or conflict that the battles played out in the event relate to. Sotahuuto 2023 is set in the Hundred Years' War and revolves around the story of Joan of Arc. 


One of the greatest values of Sotahuuto is its sense of community. Through a shared hobby and interest, it is easy to meet new people. Even if you do not participate in battles, you can still enjoy the event's atmosphere. So gather your friends and come experience Sotahuuto 2023!

Miten mukaan?

Iloisia Sotahuutovoittajia onnitellaan vuonna 2016.

Kuva: Jari Kuskelin


Everyone is welcome to Sotahuuto regardless of age, gender, or background. Instructions for first-time participants can be found on this page. You have to be over 15 years to participate in the battles, but younger individuals interested in the event can come as spectators or as part of a team's support crew. Participants under 18 and their guardians should read this page. 


You can participate in Sotahuuto as an individual, but it's more common to register as part of a team. You can ask for a team through Sotahuuto's social media groups. It is also possible to form your own team. We've compiled tips from experienced team leaders..


If you're coming to the event from outside of Finland this page!. Pehmomiekkailusta ja Sotahuudosta syvemmin kiinnostuneiden kannattaa tutustua Pehmomiekkailu Suomessa -teokseen.