For minors and guardians

Alaikäinen osallistuja Sotahuuto-tapahtumassa

Photo: Jari Kuskelin


Boffering is a hobby for anyone. This sport does not exclude anyone based on gender, skill level, or physical abilities. However, participation in events and practices is subject to their own age limits set by organizers. The age limit for Sotahuuto is 15 years. Younger enthusiasts have their own one-day event, Minihuuto, which you can learn more about on the event's official website. johon voit tutustua tarkemmin tapahtuman omilla sivuilla.


Participants under 15 years old are welcome to attend Sotahuuto as supporters or spectators. Everyone above the age limit is welcome to join the battles of Sotahuuto. This page gathers the essential information for underage participants and their guardians.


Sotahuuto is an inclusive event suitable for a wide range of participants because there are many ways to engage in the hobby. The variety of weapon types and field tactics ensures that everyone can find their role on the battlefield. All are welcome, and no one has to be left on the sidelines. Sotahuuto can also be enjoyed as a family activity, as many adult enthusiasts began soft sword fighting because their children became interested in the sport.

Iloisia osallistujia Minihuuto-tapahtumasta

Photo: Liisa Salonen, Minihuuto


Even though Sotahuuto is a competition with prizes awarded at the end, the main purpose of the sport is to have fun safely. The rules of the sport and the event staff aim to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Organizers and staff are available at all times for assistance or to address any concerns. While the battles on the field involve various opponents, everyone also takes responsibility for the safety and smooth running of the event.


Before the event, it's advisable to familiarize yourself with the sport and fellow enthusiasts by attending practices or other events. Soft sword fighting practices typically have a warm and friendly atmosphere, and being a newcomer should not be intimidating. First-timers are usually briefed on the rules, and loaner equipment is often available. Information about practices can be found on the website and other events on this page under the 'Other Events' section. ja muista tapahtumista esimerkiksi tämän sivun Muut tapahtumat -osiosta.


If this is not possible, don't worry! The rules of soft sword fighting are simple, and you can find tips for making equipment on To participate in Sotahuuto, you need to register through Ilmoportaali. Registration is often done as part of a team, and many teams are happy to welcome new members, so it's worth asking a team during practices or on social media. Discussions about Sotahuuto-related matters take place on the Facebook page and Suomen Boffaajat discord. Ilmoportaalin kautta. Usein ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu jonkun joukkueen osana. Useat joukkueet ottavat mielellään mukaan uusia tulokkaita, joten kannattaa kysellä joukkuetta harjoituksissa tai vaikkapa sosiaalisessa mediassa. Sotahuutoon liittyvistä asioista keskustellaan Facebook page and Discordissa.


If you can't find a suitable team, you can create your own. It may sound daunting, but it's a straightforward process. Gather your friends, practice, make equipment, and come enjoy the event with a great group. Tips for creating your own team can be found on this page. You can also contact the event's team mentors if you have any questions related to the event. on this page. Voit ottaa yhteyttä myös tapahtuman joukkuementoreihin, jos jokin tapahtumaan liittyen mietityttää.


Sotahuudossa otettu kuva, jossa näkyy osallistujan peukalo. Kädessä laastari.

Photo: Jari Kuskelin


In the midst of the battlefield, it's essential to prioritize safety. Statistically, Sotahuuto is a relatively safe event compared to other sports. However, safety relies on awareness, consideration, and adherence to rules. Participants invest in the safety of rules and actions. Therefore, newcomers should familiarize themselves with safety aspects.


The equipment is safe. All equipment used in the event is inspected in advance and confirmed to be lightweight, soft, and compliant with the rules. Faulty equipment must be repaired or cannot be used at the event. It is crucial to follow other event rules as well. The smooth running and safety of event battles rely on participants' knowledge and adherence to the rules. If someone violates the rules, report it either directly to the rule violator or to a more experienced participant. Inappropriate behavior, hard hits, or other risks should be addressed immediately. If the behavior is recurring, inform the event organizers or staff.
Ensisijaisen tärkeää on noudattaa myös tapahtuman muita sääntöjä. Tapahtuman taisteluiden sujuvuus ja turvallisuus nojaavat siihen, että säännöt ovat osallistujien tiedossa ja niitä noudatetaan. Sääntöjen rikkomisesta kannattaa ilmoittaa joko sääntöjen rikkojalle suoraan tai sitten jollekulle kokeneemmalle harrastajalle. Sopimattomasta käytöksestä, kovista lyönneistä tai muista riskeistä kannattaa huomauttaa heti. Jos käytös on toistuvaa, siitä kannattaa ilmoittaa tapahtuman järjestäjille tai henkilökunnalle.


When participating in soft sword fighting, consider the opponent you are engaging with. Everyone is responsible for their own use of force. Larger and stronger participants should adjust their use of force to the opponent's size and skills. Each participant contributes to the battle in their way. Monitor your own endurance and act accordingly in situations. It is possible to step aside from scenarios if you feel the need for a break. Also, take care of your friends. If someone seems tired, advise them to rest in the shade.


The event has qualified first aid on standby throughout the event. First aid cannot administer medications to participants, so it's advisable to bring your medications. For minor and major wounds, first aid provides assistance and supplies. In the case of more severe injuries, organizers promptly take the patient to the emergency room. When registering for the event, it is possible to purchase event insurance at an affordable price. More detailed information about this will be provided later.


In soft sword fighting, a special "Hold!" shout is used if a situation is observed where someone is injured or in danger of getting hurt. The purpose of the Hold shout is to immediately stop the battle. Anyone who notices such a situation can shout "Hold!" Then, other fighters repeat the shout, go to their knees, and stop fighting. Organizers provide the necessary assistance and guide the situation to resume when it is safe. The Hold shout is rarely used, but it should always be taken seriously.


Sotahuuto-tapahtuman osallistuja, jolla on suojaava kypärä päässään

Photo: Jari Kuskelin


In Sotahuuto, there is no need for separate protective gear. Boffers are constructed to be safe. Therefore, it is possible to participate in the event wearing any sport-appropriate clothing. However, we recommend young participants,, in particular, to use protective gear. Some protective gear also provides game-related advantages, such as armor points. You can read more about armor rules on the Rules page. Säännöt-sivulla.


Although a historical helmet is recommended at Sotahuuto, non-historical, genuinely protective helmets are also allowed. For example, ice hockey, skateboard, or mountain biking helmets can protect the head from falls and potential hard impacts. The worst hits in Sotahuuto are eye impacts. For example, debris from arrows or sword tips can end up in the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to protect the eyes with safety glasses. For instance, floorball glasses are suitable for Sotahuuto. Make sure the glasses stay on during the intensity of battle.


Key components of gearing up also include shoes and gloves. Good, properly sized, and ankle-supporting shoes are suitable for battling in the field. They prevent falls and ankle sprains. Gloves protect the hands from blisters and minor injuries.