Other events

Sotahuuto is generally considered as the flagship event of Finnish soft sword-fighting. However, there are various ways to practice boffering, and this is also reflected in the fact that so many different soft sword-fighting events are held throughout the year. Because our event lives off of the vibrant field of different events, we want to highlight some of the other events our sport has to offer.

Kaksi boffaajaa vaihtamassa kuulumisia skenaarioiden välillä

Photo: Jari Kuskelin


Here are some soft sword-fighting events throughout the year:


Spring (details later): Hornankattila VII 
27.5. Hämeenlinna: Minihuuto 
16.–18.6. Rovaniemi: Hiidenkirnu 
14.–16.7. Muurame: Sotahuuto, "War cry",
28.–30.7. Helsinki: Ropecon 
3.–6.8. Viro: Nordic Equinox – Lights of the Deep 
Elokuu (tarkentuu myöhemmin): Vaino event 


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Past Sotahuutos

If you are interested in the long history of our event read the page dedicated to past Sotahuutos.