Team mentors

Participating in the event as your own team may feel like a leap into the unknown, especially if you have no prior experience with the practices of Sotahuuto. However, there's no need to worry because team mentors are here to help!


Our team mentors, Juha-Matti "Juhi" Marjamaa and Eetu Sipilä, assist those who have started their own team or are dreaming of doing so in getting up to speed with the flow of the event and practical matters. How should you equip yourself for Sotahuuto, and what things should the group consider? Which colors would stand out from the existing team colors? What aspects should the team think about before the event to perform well on the field, from training to gearing up? Juhi and Eetu are ready to help with these matters!

Juha-Matti Marjamaa

Juha-Matti Marjamaa hymyilemässä Hornankattila-tapahtumassa

Photo: Juha-Matti Marjamaa


Juhi is a seasoned enthusiast who started soft sword fighting in 2015. Since then, he has actively participated in various soft sword fighting events. He has been leading boffer training sessions in Oulu for several years. He has been involved in competitive team play since 1996. Throughout most of his time in his hobbies, he has taken on various responsibilities and has been involved in training, development, and leadership. Group structures, internal moving parts, and the tactical side of the sport have always interested him. Juhi is encouraging, inspiring, and above all, a wholehearted boffer enthusiast who can offer solutions to various challenges.


You can contact Juhi through the following ways:

Email: juhamatti.marjamaa[at]
WhatsApp: 044 292 2292
Discord: You can find Juhi on the Suomen Boffaajat server under his own name.

Eetu Sipilä

Pehmomiekkailijoita rynnistämässä kohti taistelua. Keskellä joukkuementori Eetu Sipilä nauttimassa tapatumasta omimmalla tavallaan.

Photo: Jari Kuskelin


Eetu started boffering in the early 2010s. As soon as he got into the sport, he began assembling his own team, Ajan Kaarti, with his friends. Creating their own team was a natural choice since they didn't know anyone in the boffering community at the time. Ajan Kaarti has a strong theme and a clear understanding of how things should be done. Working with his own team has grown into a journey of over a decade for Eetu, delving into the heart of sports, friendship, and adventures. Eetu has experience and insight into how a team's activities can be developed while maintaining a positive and encouraging atmosphere.


You can contact Eetu through the following ways:

Email: www.eetu.sipila[at]
Discord: Eetu is on the Suomen Boffaajat server under his own name.