Rules of Order

This document describes the rules of behavior at Sotahuuto 2024.

Security personnel

General order and the compliance of these rules are enforced by the security guards who can be identified by their brightly coloured vests. Security guards guide participants and outsiders to act safely, intervene in threatening situations and if necessary, remove participants from the event.

Nighttime silence

Everyone has the right to rest during night time. Areas marked as camping zones will be silent between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00. Nighttime activities can continue in dedicated areas, mainly near the campfire area.



Making a fire is allowed as long as forest fire warnings are not in effect. Open fires must still only be lit in the campfire area. Fire extinguishers will be available for use near the campfire.


Do note that disposable grills are considered open fire, but trangia cookers are not. Be very careful when making a fire and never leave a fire unattended!


Alcohol has no place in the battles of Sotahuuto. Participating in the battles whilst under the influence is strictly forbidden. Alcohol usage is allowed for adults outside of the battles, but do remember that Sotahuuto by its nature is also a sports event!


Smoking is only allowed in dedicated and marked areas. Cigarette butts and other nicotine-based trash must be thrown into bins reserved for them.


Trash / Garbage

Everything brought to the area must also be taken away from there. There will be garbage bins spread around the area and you can ask the info desk for large or small garbage bags to use in the camps.


Clean up after yourself!

Uiminen ja peseytyminen

Participants can wash up and swim in the nearby lake shown in the map of the area. There won’t be a dedicated life guard for swimming so swim at your own risk. Don’t go swimming tired and alone! Being naked is allowed in the lake, but nowhere else.

Only use biodegradable hygiene products in the lake.

Cars and traffic

Cars may only be parked to the area assigned for parking. Traffic controllers guide the participants when arriving and when leaving from the area. Do note that there will be a lot of pedestrians around the event area! 


In case of a problem

If something alarming happens, find the nearest security guard or other organizer with a brightly colored vest. Below you can find the most crucial numbers:

044 781 5500

044 781 5502

044 781 5503

044 781 5517

Tarvittaessa myös seuraavat henkilöt ovat tavoitettavissa:

Event coordinators

John Helin: +358 45 672 0321
Joonas Lehtonen: +358 50 322 7943

Logistics and camping
Ville Halminen: +358 45 134 8997



Event’s address: Kauppilanranta 2, 39500 Ikaalinen

Ikaalisten sosiaali- ja terveysasema, avoinna perjantaina klo 8-15: 03 311 59510

Vanha Tampereentie 21, 39500 IKAALINEN

TAYS:in päivystys Acuta: 116 117

Ensitie 8, 33520 TAMPERE